Reading and Creative Writing

A Comprehensive Language Arts program designed to develop superior language skills in your child

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Grades 1 - 8,  PSAT, SAT, AP English Language

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Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Structured Writing, Creative Language Styles.

Program designed to develop superior structured writing skills in your child along with reading comprehension and critical analysis.

Our strategy to develop your child includes the best curriculum, highly engaging classrooms with the best teachers, personalized feedback.

We celebrate the uniqueness of each child and develop them to maximize their potential in Language Arts.

Rising Grades 1 - 8:  Writing Medleys (Persuasive, Fiction, Tag Line writing for Competitions)

Rising Grades 9+: Introduction to College Essay Writing

PLUS: Book Club (all grades).

Click HERE for details on the new College Essay Writing program.

Creative writing is one of the most important skills with benefits in all walks of life. And we feel this is a skill that has seen the most dearth of attention in the school systems.

Our program will coach your child on structuring their thoughts into carefully planned narratives, using superior language styles that make the simplest of scenes come alive.

There are plenty of neuroscience research suggesting that when students engage in creative writing, it activates the same cognitive abilities tied to invention and problem solving. It also increases their patience and persistence in driving towards long term goals vs driving towards immediate gratification.

These competencies will be strong differentiators in a fast changing world where your kids will have to be problem solvers in scenarios where the problem itself may not be clearly defined. Our program is designed to build their ongoing confidence and develop them into superior thinkers and problem solvers

In Reading Comprehension, students will cover multiple genres including Fiction (multiple facets), Informational, Poetry, Biographies etc. Reading level and progression customized for each student.

Program Details

Summer Schedule (June - mid Aug)

Rising Grades 1 - 8:  Creative Writing Medleys (Persuasive, Fiction, Tag Line writing for Competitions)

Rising Grades 9+: AP English Language

PLUS: Book Club (all grades).

Regular School Year Schedule (Sep - May):

Level 1 : Grades 1st - 3rd

Level 2 : Grades 3rd - 5th​

Level 3 : Grades 5th - 8th​

Level 4 : PSAT + Creative Writing (Grades 7+)

Level 5: SAT + College Essay Writing (Grades 8+) + AP English Language

​​We maintain small class sizes and our classes are full of discussion and idea generation!
Unit Structure for Levels 1 - 3 (subject to minor variations)





Week 1


Fiction Narrative 


Week 2


Brainstorm high level idea


Week 3


Character development chart


Week 4


Plot development chart
Logic and Inference activities


Week 5


Start writing introduction
Logic and Inference activities


Week 6


Finish introduction
Logic and Inference activities


Week 7


Start writing
main body & conclusion


Week 8


Continue Main body & Conclusion


Week 9

Finish Main Body & Conclusion


Week 10

Deep Editing / Peer Review


Week 11

Deep Editing  / Peer Review


Week 12


Week 13




Week 14




Week 15




Week 16




Week 17

Non Fiction

Informative / Persuasive Writing


Week 18

Non Fiction

Structure & Components


Week 19

Non Fiction

Short Writing


Week 20

Non Fiction

Longer Prompt Planning


Week 21


Draft 1 Writing


Week 22


Draft 1 Revision


Week 23


Draft 2 Writing


Week 24


Draft 2 Revision


Week 25


Draft 3 Writing


Week 26


Draft 3 Revision


Week 27




Week 28




Week 29




Week 30




Week 31 – Week 42 (Summer)

New Topics in Reading and Writing following
the above schedule


Unit Structure for Level 4 - PSAT 8/9/10 (subject to minor variations)

Evidence Based Reading

Grammar / Evidence Based Writing

Creative Writing

Fiction, Persuasive, Informative

Unit Structure for Level 5 - SAT (subject to minor variations)

Evidence Based Reading

Grammar / Evidence Based Writing

College Essay Writing (Read more HERE)

  • Purpose and Audience.
  • Different types of college essay.
  • Style fundamentals and Alternative Flow Structures (sequential, flashbacks, cascades, etc.)
  • Language Styles
  • Ingenuity, depth of thought and voice

Pricing - All Levels (per 4 weeks)

One hour a week: $135

Levels 1 - 4 Eligible for: Pay for 2 programs, attend all 4 programs (Coding & Tech, Math, ELA, Public Speaking).


Thinking Feet’s main learning center is located in the Ballantyne area in Mecklenburg county. We are just minutes away from nearby Blakeney, Weddington, Marvin, Waxhaw, Pineville, Matthews, Wesley Chapel, Piper Glen and Fort Mill, SC.​​​​