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Unlock your full potential with our private classes!

We offer classes in Coding/Technology, Advanced Math & Competition Math, Public Speaking, and English Language Arts! Our personalized, one-on-one instruction ensures that you receive the individual attention you need to excel. Whether you're a beginner programmer, aiming to conquer complex math concepts, seeking to become a confident public speaker, or looking to improve your English language skills, our experienced instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.

Join us today and embark on a transformative learning experience fully customized to your individual child’s needs.

Available Topics

Coding & Technology

Advanced + Competition Math

English Language Arts

Public Speaking

Choose Senior Tutors or Junior Tutors

Senior Tutors

  • Motivating and Stimulating: Senior tutors are skilled at not only delivering content but also motivating and stimulating students' interest in the subject. They can make the learning experience engaging and exciting.
  • Combining Multiple Angles: Senior tutors can provide a more holistic approach to learning by integrating multiple perspectives and angles. They offer a deeper understanding of the subject matter by connecting various concepts.
  • Experienced: Senior tutors have a wealth of experience in teaching or tutoring. They have likely encountered a wide range of student needs and learning styles, making them adaptable and effective educators.
  • Broad Benchmarks: Due to their extensive experience, senior tutors often have a broader perspective on student progress and benchmarks. They can provide valuable insights into a student's overall academic development.

Junior Tutors

  • Focused on Subject Matter: Junior tutors primarily focus on delivering content and subject-specific guidance. They are proficient in explaining concepts and helping students understand the material.
  • Content Coverage and Guidance: Junior tutors are well-suited for students who mainly require assistance with understanding the subject material, completing assignments, and preparing for exams.
  • Peer Perspective: Junior tutors often have an advantage in establishing a relatable and comfortable peer-to-peer connection with students, making it easier for students to ask questions and seek guidance without hesitation. Since they have recently completed the class themselves, they can share valuable tips and tricks that personally helped them navigate the subject material, providing practical insights for their peers.

Who Does It Benefit?

blue student and teacher

Students who require a stronger intervention.

Senior tutors are best suited for students who require intensive support and intervention. They can address complex challenges and help struggling students overcome obstacles in their learning journey.

blue student and teacher

Students needing less intervention and primarily focused on progression.

Junior tutors fits students who are looking to get ahead faster and already have a good command on the subject. They can help accelerate their learning by providing targeted guidance.


Subjects Include:

Coding & Technology | Advanced + Competition Math | English Language Arts | Public Speaking

Option 1: Senior Tutor
4 One-Hour Classes: $300

Option 1: Junior Tutor
4 One-Hour Classes: $120

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