Competition Math Bootcamps

Camps designed to build your child's advanced foundation in Advanced / Competitive Math!! 

All Classes will be VIRTUAL.


Competition Math Bootcamps


Get ready for Competitive Math. Unlock your child’s potential this summer with our condensed online competitive math classes! Designed to propel students ahead in math while fostering superior problem-solving skills, our weekly sessions offer three hours each day of engaging instruction and practice. With two hours dedicated to in-depth lessons and one hour focused on hands-on problem-solving, our classes provide a perfect balance of theory and application.

If your child missed the chance to start their journey early on Competition Math, these bootcamps will build the foundation, preparing them to start advanced levels in the Fall.


Join us for fun-filled sessions brimming with lively discussions, laughter, and collaborative learning, giving your child the edge they need to excel in school math and competitive math competitions.

All classes will be virtual from 1pm - 4pm (afternoon).

Program Details

Ideal for students who are driven and passionate about math, and are ready to start their competitive math journey. These boot camps will quickly get them ready for the next level. Students need to be prepared for a fast pace and hard work. The classes will be very collaborative and full of brainstorming and idea generation.

Select one or more weeks listed below!

Afternoons 1 - 4PM.

2 hrs of class + 1 hour of problem solving.

Competition Math L1

​Rising Grades 5 - 6. Exceptions allowed on a case by case. Please call 980-292-1441 to discuss.

Week of June 10: Algebra Foundation

Week June 24: Counting & Geometry

Week of July 1 (no class July 4): Arithmetic & Miscellaneous Strategies

​Week of July 22: Elementary Math Olympiad (MOEMS - E) Marathon

View detailed curriculum!

Competition Math L2

Rising Grades 7 - 8. Exceptions allowed on a case by case. Please call 980-292-1441 to discuss.

Week of June 17: Algebra

Week of July 8: Counting & Number Theory

Week of July 15: Geometry

Week of July 29: AMC 8 / MathCounts Level Marathon. Proprietary Contest Problems and Strategies.

View detailed curriculum!

In the MOEMS and AMC 8 / MathCounts Marathon week, students will be exposed to multiple concepts where they will get individualized feedback on contest performance improvement.

Watch Sample Videos

Advanced Math 1

Competition Math L2

Competition Math L1

Competition Math L3

Curriculum and Methodology

Mathematics is often taught by repetition which becomes quite boring after a while.
This model of repetition results in students:
a) Losing interest and
b) Not getting enough challenges for their fertile and active brains
Thinking Feet's unique and innovative approach will develop a superior problem solving aptitude in your child with:

innovative approach

A proprietary curriculum rich in problem solving

Engaging classrooms where students are encouraged to analyze problems from different perspectives

Low volume homework but with content rich in problem solving that challenges students' thinking without being repetitive.

Our curriculum will challenge your child beyond grade level math but in a very engaging and collaborative teaching style that draws on their problem solving skills without the high pressure of homework.

Benefits your child may see

Increased confidence in embracing new math concepts with a higher likelihood of success in problem solving

Since they will be mastering many concepts ahead of time, they will need to dedicate much less time to school math, in order to excel. The time saved they can apply to other subject areas for school

They will develop the good habits of persistence, detail orientation, creative thinking that will have positive impact in all walks of their student lives


Afternoons 1 - 4PM.

2 hrs of class + 1 hour of problem solving.

Pro-rated refund if canceled after first class. No refunds after 2nd class starts.

All weeks except week of July 1: $250 / week.

Week of July 1: $200 / week.

Referral bonus: refer a student and if they sign up, they and you get 8% off for each week of Competitive Math Camp they sign up. The number of weeks used is the minimum of a) The number of weeks of Math camp your child is signed up for and b) The number of weeks of Math camp the referred student signs up for.

Example: Your child is signed up for 2 weeks. If your referred student signs up for 4 week, your discount is 8% applied to the 2 week payment.

The referral bonus will be issued as a refund after students finished Camp.



Thinking Feet’s main learning center is located in the Ballantyne area in Mecklenburg county. We are just minutes away from nearby Blakeney, Weddington, Marvin, Waxhaw, Pineville, Matthews, Wesley Chapel, Piper Glen and Fort Mill, SC.​​​​