Summer Camps

Summer Camp 2022

At 4200 McKee Road, Charlotte, NC 28277

New this year

Digital Art & NFTs
Rubik's Cubes
Coding in the Metaverse
Competitive Programming, Competition Math
Public Speaking: Mock Trial, Model UN format with Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix

What to Expect

Welcome to Thinking Feet! Where our passion is helping children unlock their creative problem solving potential. Analytical thinking and creative endeavors are fostered through our classes. The backbone of our Summer Camps, is the best learning curriculum you will find in Coding, Robotics, Science & Engineering, Public Speaking and more. Each program is carefully crafted and customized for different age groups and experience levels, so they can learn at the appropriate pacing. Our classrooms are very high energy full of collaborations, laughter, brainstorming. Our classroom learning is balanced with recreational time outside. During breaks and after lunch you will find our students outside playing gaga ball, four square, basketball, frisbee and more!! Sign up today to have your child make the most of their summer!

Best Coaches

Innovative Curriculum

Small Groups

(no more than 10 per group)

Camp Schedule

Camp Descriptions

Coding, Robotics, and Technology

In one of the most innovative and prolific Technology Summer camps, not only will campers learn coding but will be inventing and leading the path in technology creation, with the guidance of our experienced coaches. They will go through a multi-faceted creative journey.

All our technology camps are customized for Beginners and Advanced programmers with a variety of challenges based on prior programming experience of campers...each week has new programs and challenges so repeat campers will get all new materials every week.

We promise you smiles all around!!!

3D Modeling, Design and Game Coding in Roblox

Design 3D models, city structures, mystical creatures, flying vehicles and more in the Roblox gaming environment. Simple - Intermediate Coding in the programming language Lua to integrate with the designed game environment. Integrate obstacle courses, adventure games into their 3D models. A great combination of design and coding for students to develop their creative problem solving skills. They will have a blast!!

Design and Coding content

  • Designing 3D game arenas including Obby's.
  • Simple to Advanced Coding in Lua to make the game come alive.
  • Invite friends to play your game.


Game and Animation Programming in Scratch

Campers build games, animations and applications using MIT's Scratch platform and see creations come to life immediately in front of their eyes. Campers will build a myriad of different games from Space pursuits to Wizard battles.... Innovative Ball games to logic puzzles using the simple yet amazingly powerful Scratch Platform. Challenges to keep both Beginner and Advanced programmers engaged and learning.

Advanced: Our Advanced Scratch program boasts a highly engaging curriculum designed for experienced programmers. If you think Scratch is just simple block coding, think again. In the Advanced Game Programming curriculum, your experienced programmer child will learn many sophisticated algorithms to build ultimate challenging games like the Harry Potter Wizarding battle, the Wingardium Leviosa where you cast custom spells based on custom waves of the wand and much more. A great program to learn advanced Game Design logic in a very comfortable platform designed by MIT.

Design and Technical Concepts

  • Conceptualizing an idea and implementing with Code
    • Simple to complex games
    • Short animation movies
  • Using library of sprites and background and designing custom characters.
  • Simple, Repeat & Nested Loops, Variables for data tracking and as triggers, broadcast messaging, defined custom functions.
  • Sequential and Parallel processing of code.
  • Content customized by age group from Grades 1 and Up.
  • Error identification, Debugging and problem solving

Scratch - Read More


Game Dev in the Metaverse

Design 3D games in the Metaverse using the Sandbox game development platform. Simple - Intermediate games that students can publish, monetize, earn crypto, create NFTs and much more!!. Integrate obstacle courses, adventure games into their 3D models. A great combination of design and coding for students to develop their creative problem solving skills. They will have a blast!!

Design and Coding content

  • No coding background needed, beginner friendly.
  • Designing 3D game arenas, avatars, equipment.
  • Create game asset NFTs.
  • Publish your game, invite friends to play, monetize your game in the Metaverse!!


Web site Design and Development

Students learn HTML and Rapid Development tools to build a fully functioning and live website with multi page navigation, embedded pictures, videos, links to internal and external pages etc. They will learn all the basic skills needed to be able to build any kind of website in the future with many practical uses (like organizing their study links, managing calendars and events to share with parents etc).

Design and Technical Concepts: HTML

  • Text Formatting
  • Background Colors
  • Image integration
  • Table creation and modification
  • Linking to internal and external pages

Design and Technical Concepts: Rapid Web Dev Tools

  • Design balance between images and text and Third's rule
  • Animated text
  • Visitor counter
  • Embedded sites, images, videos
  • Buttons and hyperlinks to internal and external pages

Advanced students will branch out into learning and applying Cascading Style Sheets in their website.


Robotics & Coding

Code and solve numerous logical challenges, obstacle courses with the Lego EV3 Mindstorm, Lego Robot Inventor, mBots, Ozobots.

A technology program that blends Coding with Hardware with a focus on iterative learning. A machine's reaction to code is not always consistent and students learn how to improvise and manage around machine imperfections when extracting desired behavior through Code.

Students learn about multiple sensors including touch, color, distance, gyro and integrate them to create multiple simulations like the robotic vacuum, color code driven navigation, accelerating and decelerating car, and much much more.

A free form camp for beginners and advanced programmers to learn the fundamentals and complex algorithms of robotics and developing innovative movements, applications and solutions to challenges. Campers can expect challenges they have never seen before that can only be solved using their keen Vulcan sense of logic and programming prowess. Challenges include those expected in tournaments like FLL, etc.

Technical Concepts: Ozobots

  • Map navigation using Color codes to change speed, movements, line jump and more.
  • Coding with OzoBlockly to navigate mazes and challenges.

Technical Concepts: mBots

  • Coding for controlling motors and distance sensors.
  • Solve multiple challenges like robotic vacuum, obstacle avoidance, optimal movements for destroying obstacles, and more.

Technical Concepts: Lego Mindstorm

  • Code and Control Motors and sensors: Color, Distance, Touch, Gyro.
  • Many beginner to advanced challenges including Magic 8 ball, multi speed car, self driving car, light source search, and many more. One of the most advanced Robotics curriculum found on Earth or Vulcan.

Robotics- Read More


Mobile Apps Design and Coding with MIT App Inventor

Campers design and develop fully functional mobile apps and games that they can install on their phones plus share with family and friends. Using simple yet powerful tools, campers proudly design and develop fully functional Android apps. They will amaze you with their creativity in this program that has campers building all new apps at both beginner and advanced levels. Students will become self sufficient in building apps and various inbuilt phone sensors like accelerometer, orientation sensor, GPS, camera etc.

Our students have branched out to win many coding competitions and published apps on the app store. Your child will come out of this camp with sufficient exposure and knowledge to continue their journey independently and build many mobile apps with practical use.

Design and Technical Concepts

  • Object layout using vertical, horizontal, tabular arrangements.
  • Button and Object shapes and colors.
  • Font size and colors.
  • Code user gestures: tap, swipe, flick etc.
  • Code phone sensors, camera, Text to Voice, Voice to Text, databases, etc.
  • Coding: Use of simple and nested loops, conditional loops, use of variables, math functions including random number generation based algorithms, and much more.


Electronic Circuit Design and Programming

Rising Grades 6-9: Design and Configure fully functioning electronic circuits on a Arduino set and program using the Arduino-C language to make functioning prototypes of consumer utility products and games. Students learn  fundamentals of electronic circuits including LEDs, temperature sensors, light sensors, switches, cathodes, anodes, analog & digital signals while coding in C.

Rising Grades 3 - 5: Design fully functioning electronic circuits on a Arduino set while learning the fundamentals of coding using logic blocks. Not only will campers get exposure to Science and Technology but will apply their creativity as they apply the fundamentals of electronics in designing practical circuits.

Rising Grades 1 - 2: Students use plug and play electronics to build fully functioning simulations of various practical electronics including wind-energy mills, solar stations, alarms, flood warning systems and much more. Students learn about switches, open & closed circuits, voltage & current among other concepts while building fully functioning electronic products.

Technical Concepts

  • Circuit components: bread board, Arduino IO processor, resistors, LEDs, different sensors, switches, etc.
  • Coding: Conditional Loops, Repeat Loops, Sensor reading in analog and digital, Signal output in analog and digital - all using the Arduino C programming language.

Circuits - Read More


​Game and Application Development in Python

Campers learn one of the most popular professional programming platforms today as they develop Games and Applications using Python. This is a beginner friendly camp for students in rising grades 6 and up, but also suitable for rising 5th graders with prior programming experience. Campers will start their journey on one of the most prolific computer programming platforms that are used by professionals in many industries as they design many graphic games and applications.
For rising grades 6+ Or rising 5th graders with significant prior programming experience

Design and Technical Concepts

  • Design and Image rendering on screen. Customizing screen size. Understanding screen coordinate system.
  • Using screen refresh sequence to layer objects and test.
  • User interaction using keyboard.
  • Simple, Nested, and Conditional Loops.
  • Variables and Arrays, used in single and multiple character spawning.
  • Object cloning and destructions, Collision detection.
  • Coding: Conditional Loops, Repeat Loops, Sensor reading in analog and digital, Signal output in analog and digital - all using the Arduino C programming language.

Python - Read More


Animation Movies using Scratch

Campers pour their imagination into their creative work of fiction while building an animated movie using MITs Scratch programming platform. They learn about the nuances of computer graphics and creating movements, special effects and smooth story lines using the Scratch platform. Humor, Sci-fi, Animal Kingdom...possibilities are endless. A unique camp combining Computer Programming, Storytelling and Film making.


Game and Application Development in JavaScript

Campers build multiple interactive games and applications as they learn one of the most powerful web scripting languages. This camp will give them a real world flavor of what goes behind many of the web applications they experience in their daily lives. Plus they will leave the camp with enough knowledge to continue their learning at home in their path to become independent programmers.

Beginner Friendly where students build simple Applications and Games involving animations using x-y coordinates, collision detection, timers, scoring, levels. Code Encryption/decryption algorithms as they learn about cyber security and secure messaging.

Technical Concepts

  • Document Object model
  • Manipulating Color, Size, Background, Images, Shapes
  • Simple, conditional, and nested loops
  • Function definition and Function calls


2D/3D Game and Virtual Reality Development in Unity and C-Sharp

Unity is the ultimate game development platform used by professionals worldwide. Campers will build simple but high-quality 3D games in Unity and C-Sharp, that can be installed and played across mobile devices, desktop or the web. This is one of the most popular platform to build 3D games. Complete package to build games with cutting edge cinematic graphics, animations and rich functional integrations. Campers will also learn the essentials of a Virtual Reality application and associated coding techniques. It will be fascinating!!

Platformer Games

First Person Bug Shooter + Tower Defense

First Person Comic Alien Shooter

None of the games are violent and the characters are designed more to be comical in nature.

Technical Concepts

  • Simple 2D and 3D Games involving animations using x-y-z coordinates, physics, light effects, collision detection, reticle, Virtual Reality adaptation, timers, scoring, levels.
  • 2D, 3D Game arena design including efficiently re-using design objects.
  • Using Unity Asset libraries
  • C-Sharp: linking design objects with code variables, standard starting functions, Vector3 coordinate manipulation, simple and nested loops, functions and more.
  • Games include Platformers, First Person Bug Shooter, Space battles, etc.

Unity - Read More


Digital Art & NFTs

Campers will create amazing works of art including picturesque landscapes, floating logos, black and whites and so much more. Their creativity will get unbridled wings in this unique program combining design and technology all in one week of incredible learning and fun. The camp will teach them all the skills to be a digital designer with unlimited opportunity for application of individual creativity. Campers can also publish their artwork on a NFT marketplace (requires a crypto wallet - a 5 min process to set up, for which instructions will be sent to parents)

Sample Projects

  • 3D Logo Design
  • Photo Editing: Black and White Conversion, Enhancements: Luminosity,  Color, Filters
  • Parametric Brushes, Curves, Layers


3D Design & Printing

Starting with the basics, students will learn skills of conceptualizing, designing, implementing creative works of 3D Art. They will then upload their creations for printing, the final product will be mailed to them.

Students will learn

  • Designing basic and complex shapes
  • Combining and gluing shapes together
  • Efficient printing by distributing pieces vs building all at once
  • Creating hollow shapes, slicing shapes and more.



Rubix Cube Solving

Beginner friendly program where students will learn beginner - intermediate strategies for solving Rubix cubes, at varying speeds.

Students learn cube solving algorithms starting with the simplest and as they acclimatize, they move on to faster strategies.

Content & Scope

Learn holding and finger movements for speed cubing (grips, re-grips, flicks, turns, pinch, push, etc)

Simple to Intermediate Algorithms

Mock contests for practice

PSAT, High School Math, & Creative Writing


Give your child a significant head start to the next school year with our camps that are designed to stimulate creative thinking, fun and learning by building skills and strategies on Math. Catch up on lost ground or get ahead before the new school year starts.

High School Math Advancement Camps

This summer your child can choose from multiple High School Math courses and complete the entire curriculum in the summer.

High School: Math-1, Math-2, Math-3, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus. Read more HERE.


Creative Writing

Campers will swim through the imagination filled world of creative writing on a variety of topics. Students will create works of fiction including mystery, fantasy, science fiction and more as they learn intricacies of planning, applying language styles of similes, metaphors, descriptive words etc, and develop effective and creative written communication skills.

The variety of our programs are designed to keep campers challenged whether they attend one or multiple weeks.

Topics range from Fiction, Fantasy, Persuasive, Humor and more.

Students will learn the iterative steps of the writing process:

  • High level plan.
  • Next level plan involving scenes, actors, conflicts, resolutions.
  • Plan and write the introduction, body, and conclusion
  • Develop habits of continuous refinement of language style using descriptive words, similes, metaphors, idioms.


PSAT 8/9 Prep Camps

A 6 week immersion on English and Math for the PSAT 8/9. Click HERE for details. Options available for only English or only Math.

Registration for PSAT Camps close March 31st.



Public Speaking and Oratory, Model UN, Mock Trial

Students will develop the great habits and strategies of public speaking including timed eye contact, projection, effective body language, art of inflection and enunciation. They will develop the art of organizing and pacing their thoughts in a more effective delivery. We have been conducting very effective Online Public Speaking classes after the COVID lock down.

  • Multiple public speaking games, planned speeches (short and long), tv anchor interviews, and more.
  • We create comfortable and friendly environments with tons of encouragement for each student to expand their comfort level in public speaking.
  • Students grow with continuous feedback from coaches and their peers.
  • Tons of smiles, laughter, high fives,  and more smiles.

Variations offered include:

Model UN: Students play the role of UN representatives from different countries who research, meet and discuss solutions to problems like Water, Disease, etc. They also engage in negotiating support from countries in both monetary and non monetary forms. Variations include SuperHero committees where students choose the role of their favorite super hero in discussing inter galactic problems and solutions.

Mock Trial: Students play the role of lawyers (prosecution, defense), judge, witnesses as they research case materials, prepare and present arguments.



Science & Engineering

The Science and Engineering camp delivers all the ingredients for hands on experimental learning for your child.

A program designed by STEM professionals, it's a innovative combination of experimentation based learning, collaborative discussions and asking a whole bunch of WHY's, HOW's, WHAT-IF's. If you have a curious child, our Science camp will lead them into a fantastic learning journey.

A few highlights (our breadth of Science has a wide variety of learning experiments, more than we can list):


  • Deep dive into airplanes and flights. Bernoulli's principle.
  • Experiment and learn the unique properties and differences between Newtonian and Non Newtonian Fluids.
  • Viscosity of fluids.
  • Magnetic induction.
  • Nucleation & concentration of pressure in Diet Coke - Mentos experiment.


  • Chromatography and the separation of colors.
  • Science behind Slime, Elephant's Toothpaste and more.
  • Explore properties of metals and electrolyte interactions to create electricity.
  • Experiment and learn how soap works, with magic milk.
  • Edible science experiments to explore concepts, create edible compounds (think edible water bottles even) and then eat them!!


  • Extract DNA and build an edible DNA model.
  • Compare and analyze Bacteria growth from different samples. Is the kitchen sink cleaner than a toilet bowl??
  • Analyze soil nutrients and explore soil microbes (are they good or bad).


  • Wind driven car.
  • Pasta bridge.
  • Light Up Greeting card.
  • Egg-straw-ordinary contraptions.
  • Rubber band helicopter.
  • Simple Hovercrafts.

Ultimate Engineering and Robotics

It's a All You Can Build & Code Medley spanning multiple areas of Robotics, and Hands on Engineering. Anything's possible, just bring your creative thinking!!

  • Build multiple products with household items: cars & vehicles, rockets, paper planes, pasta bridges, Egg Trap, sprinkler systems, and so much more.
  • Code multiple Robots (Lego Mindstorm, Ozobots, mBots) to solve various intriguing challenges.
  • Innovate engineering structures using Knex and Legos.


Escape Rooms Medley

Custom and age appropriate digital escape room games where students have to put on their best logical thinking and problem solving hat to crack codes, interpret clues and work as a team to chart their escape from the room.

A digital platform with challenges in

  • Science: Space, Biology, Laws of Motion, Chemistry & More.
  • Code breaking with written, audio, video clues.
  • Geography: America and the World, Mountains, Rivers, Oceans.
  • History: Of computers (e.g. do you know which is the 3rd model in the Apple Computer series)


Stock Trading Game

Students learn the discipline of researched based investing in stocks in a live trading game platform where they will go through the ups and downs of an investor's journey. They will learn about spreading risks, researching companies and as closely as possible replicate the day to day thinking and operations of investment professionals.

Students will learn:

  • Researching companies including reading balance sheets, income statements, analyst reports, Stocks vs ETFs.
  • Setting Buy and Sell triggers.
  • Different type of orders and nuances therein: Limit, Stop, Stop-Limit, Trailing Stops.
  • Spreading risk between industries, stocks, and ETFs.
  • There will be tons of discussions every day as a simulated trading floor.


Blitz Gaming & Back to School Math and Reading

Close out Summer with a fun week of Gaming with friends + Back to School Math and Reading. One hour of Math + One hour of Reading + 45 mins of Gaming + 15 mins of outside play. For Math and Reading, we will customize the content based on each student's level. Coaches will moderate, participate, and facilitate multiple games in groups. Fortnite, Among Us, Roblox, and more.

Camp Pricing

The following camps are offered only Virtual: High School Math1, Math 2, PSAT 8/9, Full Stack Web Development.

Half Day / Full Day

Morning Camps: 9AM - 12PM. Afternoon Camps: 1PM - 4PM.

  • Half Day (Morning or Afternoon) camp, weekly price:
    • Register by midnight Feb 15th: $205
    • Register between Feb 16th and Mar 31st: $215
    • Register after Mar 31st: $230
  • Full Day, weekly price:
    • Register by midnight Feb 15th: $410
    • Register between Feb 16th and Mar 31st: $410
    • Register after Mar 31st: $430
    • Campers bring nut free lunch.
July 4th week: 20% discount to above pricing (closed July 4th)
PSAT Camp Pricing (Afternoons 1PM - 4PM.
6 weeks - English and Math: $1400
3 weeks - English: $750
3 weeks - Math: $750
High School Math1: $1500
High School Math2: $1000
High School Math3: $1000
Pre Calculus: $1500
AP Calculus: $2000
After Camp Care options available
$50 /week
$40 for week of July 4th (4 day week)


  1. Multi Camp Discount
    1. 4% discount if registering for a total of 5 to 8 half day camps (per family).
    2. 8% discount if registering for a total of 9 to 12 half day camps (per family).
    3. 12% discount if registering for a total of 13 to 18 half day camps (per family).
  2. Students currently registered with Thinking Feet (as of the time of signing up for Camp) get an exclusive additional 4% discount on all camps.

High School Math, Full Stack Web Development, and PSAT Camps not eligible for discounts (exception: current student discount applicable).

Each family registration eligible for only one discount / offer. Discounts and/or offers cannot be combined and we will always assign the highest possible discount for each registration. Exception: Current Student Discount can be combined with multi camp discounts but not the sibling discounts.

Early registrants will always have the better net effective price per camp. Even if we add any offers later on, earlier registrants will still have the best per-camp price - guaranteed.

Cancellation and Refund policy

  • Full refund (minus 3% payment processor fees) if canceled at least 4 weeks prior to camp start.
  • If cancelled at least 2 weeks prior to camp start: Full refund minus $50 per child per camp
  • If cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to camp start: No refund. Amount paid minus $75 (per child per camp) applied as credit towards other Thinking Feet programs (subject to Thinking Feet schedules and availability).
  • 'Camp start' is the start date of the camp requesting to be cancelled.

A few important disclosures

  1. Some Camps (High School Math, PSAT, Full Stack Web Development) are offered virtual. If a camp is offered as a Only Virtual option, it will be explicitly declared as such on the registration form. We have been running the best Virtual Classrooms for 5+ years. In all our programs whether in person or virtual, we foster a very engaging and collaborative learning environment where each student gets the attention they deserve. We do not let the absence of proximity come in the way of delivering highly effective classes. Our coaches are trained in keeping students focused, making sure they are following and constantly adjust pacing to make sure they stay on their learning path. Every program we plan with a lot of thought, and we execute with a lot of heart and patience.
  2. In some of our in-person camps (some of the Grades 6+ Coding camps), the teachers may be located off-site and teaching via video conferencing (projected with full audio, video at our center). In such a class we will have other coaching assistants physically present to help guide the students. We have conducted such camps in prior summers with great success in student learning and engagement.
  3. Students will be required to bring their laptops for Coding camps and a few other camps (will be specified in the registration form).



Registration for High School Math and PSAT Camps Close on March 31st