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Enrichment Clubs at Polo Ridge Elementary
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Coding, Science and Math Virtual Clubs

Starting Feb 22, 2021

Coding and Technology

Thinking Feet's Coding & Technology program has a unique and proprietary curriculum, where your child will go well beyond just Coding and develop as a creative thinker and problem solver - nurturing their innate curiosity. You will watch your child transform from being a consumer of technology to a creator of fully functioning technology products.

In our time tested curriculum and engaging classrooms, students will be in a fascinating learning journey of computer programming, logical and algorithmic problem solving while building multiple games and applications.

Due to the current situation, the club is being offered completely Virtually, leveraging our 4+ years of offering virtual classes to students across the country.

Grades 1 - 2. Coding Animations in MIT-Scratch + Science Escape Room. Friday 4:15PM - 5:15PM

Specific Dates: Feb 26, Mar 5, 19, 26, Apr 16, 23, 30, May 7

Min: 3. Max: 7 (per group)

Price: $200 for 8 classes

Using MIT's Scratch platform students will design and code fully functioning animations that they can share with family and friends.

Students will learn code fundamentals to create motion (with varying speed, direction, smoothness), size modifications, color changes, simple conditional statements, loops, sequential and parallel processing. They will learn through experimentation and improvise based on instantaneous results of their Code.

They will design and code 1 - 2 full animations that they can share with family and friends.

A great beginner friendly program to introduce your child to the hottest skill of the century, in a customized pacing for our youngest creators.

In addition, students will be learning concepts in many Science topics including Space, Laws of Physics, Biology, Chemistry and more as they solve puzzles in Escape Room format. Students use concepts they learn in class to solve creative puzzles to escape out of a locked virtual room.

Grades 3 - 5. Web Design and Development. Fridays 4:15PM - 5:15PM

Specific Dates: Feb 26, Mar 5, 19, 26, Apr 16, 23, 30, May 7

Min: 3. Max: 10 (per group)

Price: $200 for 8 classes

  • Students will design and code fully functioning websites integrating photos, videos, user interaction, navigation to internal and external pages and much more.
  • This is a unique program where students learn creative design strategies and coding in HTML plus rapid development tools to create their unique live website they can share with family and friends.
  • This is a great first step for students towards building web interactive web applications & games. Our students have used their learning to build functional websites to consolidate their school study links, sports passions and hobbies.
Math Problem Solving

Math Foundations (with Beast Academy Curriculum)


Grades 2 - 3 (advanced 1st graders welcome): Thursdays 4:15PM - 5:15PM

Specific Dates: Feb 25, Mar 4, 11, 25, Apr 15, 22, 29, May 6  (with an option to continue after)

Grades 4 - 5: Mondays 4:15PM - 5:15PM

Specific Dates: Feb 22, Mar 4, 11, 25, Apr 15, 22, 29, May 3 (with an option to continue after)

Min: 3. Max: 5 (per group).If registration exceeds limit, we may be able to start a new group.

Price: $230 for 8 weeks (option to continue after: regular price of $135 per 4 weeks)

We are offering students the popular Beast Academy curriculum (from the Art of Problem Solving organization) to solidify their command on Math and to expose them to diverse ways of approaching Math Problem Solving.

Each student will get a Beast Academy account for the duration of their enrollment, where they will have FULL access to all study materials, exercises, in a fun and interactive platform.

Our coaches will create a structured approach combining learning in class with reviews and defined home assignments to build a very strong math foundation for your child. Students will be placed according to their Math ability rather than by their grade level (we will be collecting additional information about your child's current Math level, during registration). As an example, if your 4th grader is ready for 5th grade Math, we will enable that for them.

Check out the different Beast Academy Levels:





Experience the platform HERE

Competition Math (L1)

Grades 3 - 5: Mondays 4:15PM - 5:15PM

Specific Dates: Feb 22, Mar 4, 11, 25, Apr 15, 22, 29, May 3 (with an option to continue after)

Min: 3. Max: 10 (per group).If registration exceeds limit, we may be able to start a new group.

Price: 8 classes for $270.(option to continue after: regular price of $135 per 4 weeks). Two week money back guarantee only for Competition Math.

Who will benefit

Students who have a innate aptitude for higher math problem solving and are consistent top performers in their class with moderate effort.

The journey of Competition Math will expose students to higher challenges, in a less structured environment. To benefit from this program, students will be expected to have a high degree of persistence, diligence and a willingness to push the boundaries of Math Problem Solving.


Our Advanced Math Students aced PSAT 9/10 Math with a 99th percentile (most getting a full score), with zero dedicated preparation for PSAT.

100% of our Advanced Math 9th graders aced the Pre-Calculus CDM (Credit by Demonstrated Mastery), allowing them to skip Pre-Calculus and go straight to AP Calculus in High School.

In Competition Math, our team of 5th graders emerged as the highest scoring JV team in the 2019 December - Charlotte Tri-Mathlon, while competing with 18 of the best middles schools from the greater Charlotte area. One of our then 5th grade students (from Polo Ridge) was the top individual scorer in JV. Charlotte Tri-Mathlon is a MathCounts style competition for middle school students, hosted every year by Community House Middle.

In another Competition Math event (MaPP), the same 5th grader team placed 4th out of around 12 middle school and high school teams. The top 4 teams differed by 1 point with each other.

Our students have been consistent top scorers in elementary school Math Olympiad (#1 in school) and Math Kangaroo (top 5, top 10, top 20 national rank)

Sample Problems

The exciting world of Competition Mathematics can often be classified into theory building and/or problem solving. Of course all mathematicians solve problems, while only a few are great theory builders. Theory building involves developing repeatable solution strategies that can be applied in problem solving and the building of structures that enable us to see patterns out of what appears to be chaos.

The Competition Math classes take students in an exciting journey full of theory-building AND problem solving enrichment. It is designed to encourage children to embrace problem solving as an exciting and uplifting social activity.


First come first serve basis. In case the groups fill up to capacity, we will open a waiting list and will also try and open other slots. In case we do not reach the minimum in any group, and club gets cancelled - a full refund will be given. Students need access to a computer (Windows, Mac, Chromebook) and an internet connection. Classes held via Zoom (links etc to be provided after registration).

Thinking Feet’s main learning center is located in the Charlotte Ballantyne area in Mecklenburg county. We are just minutes away from nearby Matthews, Weddington, Marvin, Waxhaw, Pineville, Wesley Chapel, Piper Glen and Fort Mill, SC.​​