Class Schedule (Fall)

The following classes are currently under 'Open Slots' - we will be assigning slots based on availability of all students: Advanced Math L1, AP Calculus, SAT Math, Coding L6. They have been placed in a tentative schedule below.

All links in Google Classroom4:00PM 5:30PM.
Sat/Sun Hours
MonCompetition Math L3.
High School Math 1. High School Math 2.
ELA L 5 (SAT).
Coding L3 (Web Development).
TueCML2(+Adv MTH L3).
Adv. Math L2+Comp Math L1.
Coding L5 (JAVA).
Coding L2(Scratch).
ELA L3 (Gr 6-8).
WedPublic Speaking - Elementary Grades.
Public Speaking - Middle Grades.
Comp Math L2 + Adv Math L3.
Comp Math L3 (90 mins).
High School MTH3.
ELA L2 (Gr 3 - 5).
ThuAdv MTH L3+CompMath L2.
Pre Calculus.
High School MTH2
Coding L2 (Robotics)
FriCoding L4 (JavaScript).
Comp Math L1.
SatComp. Math L2: 10AM - 11AM
Competition Math L4 (AMC10 / AIME) 2PM - 3:30PM
Coding L7 (Python Data Science) 4PM - 5:30PM