Coding with MIT Scratch

Coding Games and Animation with MIT Scratch

MIT has created a fascinating platform in Scratch that allows beginners to learn the fundamentals of coding and for more advanced students to get deep with nested loops, recursive loops and more advanced functionality to build visual games and animations.

Why Scratch

  • The Scratch platform uses block coding which is a great way to build fundamentals of Computer Algorithms without worrying about missing an elusive semi-colon that prevents the entire code from working.
  • Students see immediate results of their work and mistakes which makes learning more efficient.
  • Our Scratch curriculum is one of the deepest and widest you will find. Our Advanced Scratch module introduces students to many advanced Coding algorithms that help them develop mastery of advanced concepts in a friendly platform.

The Thinking Feet advantage

  • We have built all the curriculum content, in house. We encountered many failure points while building the curriculum, which we have incorporated as learning moments within the curriculum.
  • We adopt a more 'coaching' model and go well beyond just teaching. What this means for your child is a bigger playground to experiment with their own creative thoughts and manifest their individual creativity into code.
  • We celebrate individual problem solving and the fact that the same problem can be solved in multiple ways. This allows students to learn from each other's diversity of thought.

Thinking Feet’s main learning center is located in the Ballantyne area in Mecklenburg county in the Wingate University campus. We are just minutes away from nearby Blakeney, Weddington, Marvin, Waxhaw, Pineville, Wesley Chapel, Piper Glen and Fort Mill, SC.​​