EOG Prep

Thinking Feet EOG Prep

The EOG (End of Grade) tests are a way to gauge your student's academic progress through the year.

Taking steps to prepare for these tests can set your child up for success. Thinking Feet's unique teaching methodology develops the intrinsic motivation in your child to grow into a confident problem solver.

Prepare with Us!

  • Four weeks of EOG practice content
  • NEW ELA and Math content each week
  • Students will access the materials for independent study
  • Pre-recorded sessions with strategies to tackle problems
  • Refresh key concepts from the year

Succeed with Us!

Join us for four weeks of engaging, intensive learning! Let us equip your child with the tools and strategies they need to confidently tackle the EOG's. Prepare for both Reading and Math exams by thinking outside the box to  solve a wide variety of problems and challenges. Material will become available on April 1, sign up below!


ELA and Math EOG Prep materials are $50 for 4 weeks. Free for currently enrolled students.**

**Free if students enrolled in any Thinking Feet program in May 2023.

Schedule for Grades 3-8

Material will become available on April. For EOG Prep Course ONLY, the program will be self-led. Create your own schedule and follow the material at your own pace.

** Note: All other Thinking Feet Classes are taught by a live teacher.


The course will be completely virtual and include recorded sessions, EOG Math and ELA materials, and graded feedback.