AP Computer Science Camp

Imagine the significant advantage they will have over peers having advanced through undergrad computer science courses years before they go to college !!! Only at Thinking Feet

Program Structure

This unique program will mirror the content covered in the first two years of Computer Science Undergrad, while maintaining an appropriate pace of instruction that will be manageable by students in high school.

Starting with the content of AP Computer Science (High School), the curriculum will then take students into depths of algorithms, data structures and more, transforming them into early computer scientists. They will cover many topics taught in Computer Science undergrad which will give them an edge in the college application process plus a significant advantage over peers when they actually set foot into college.

Coding is just a small part of Computer Science and this program will take students deep into areas of computer science and engineering like algorithm analysis, memory optimization etc. Truly mirroring what is taught in Computer Science undergrad.

We have designed the content in partnership with Computer Science professors from some of the top universities in the country

Who will benefit

Ideal for students who have taken or will be taking AP Computer Science in High School and also have a high likelihood of pursuing an undergrad in Computer Science or related field.

This course will excite students who are ready to take the leap beyond coding into the world of analysis and optimization of computer algorithms. They will learn software development strategies and techniques to make computer programs run more efficiently. If your child has a high degree of persistence, self motivation and a hunger to learn advanced technology, they will thrive in this program.

Camp Details and Schedule

Week of July 15th. 1PM - 4PM. Mon - Fri .
Location: Ballantyne center at 4200 McKee Road, and will also be available online.
Min Grade: Rising 9th
  • Students will take big leaps into and beyond the content of AP Computer Science. They will be exposed to concepts covered in Computer Science undergrad.
  • Students will learn about Object Oriented Programming concepts, Data Structures and Algorithms as they code using Java.
  • The pacing of the course assumes no prior experience with the topic but expects students to have significant coding experience to keep pace with the curriculum.
  • Content covered is usually taught in undergrad Computer Science.
  • Appropriate for students who are ready to go beyond coding into the depths of Computer Science.
Coach: Tuhin Dutt. Founder and Teacher at Thinking Feet.
Mr. Dutt, brings to this class his wealth of industry experience and a unique curriculum designed to invigorate the intellectual curiosity of students aspiring to take the path of Computer Science in High School and beyond.

Thinking Feet’s main learning center is located in the Ballantyne/Mckee Road area in Mecklenburg county. We are just minutes away from nearby Blakeney, Weddington, Marvin, Waxhaw, Pineville, Wesley Chapel, Piper Glen and Fort Mill, SC.​​​​