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Welcome to our Future Coder Camps, a summer adventure where young tech enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the exciting world of coding and software development!

This summer promises an immersive, hands-on experience in various coding platforms. Let your child have fun while learning coding fundamentals. Join us for a summer filled with coding adventures, creativity, and innovation!

Note: This site is for rising grades 6-9. Looking for camps for your child in rising Grades 1-2 / 3-5? Click Here to View!


Intro to AI & AI Infused Mobile Apps

Unleash your curiosity and dive into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence with our cutting-edge summer camps. Designed for tech enthusiasts and budding developers, this program combines hands-on learning with the excitement of creating AI-infused mobile applications. Engage in real-world projects to build your own AI-infused mobile apps using MIT App Inventor. Get ready to embark on a journey where innovation meets education!

Technical Concepts:

Machine Learning Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of algorithms and models
  • Image recognition and classification
  • Object detection using AI
Mobile App Integration
  • Incorporating AI features into Android and iOS applications
  • Optimizing mobile apps for seamless user experiences
Ethical AI Practices
  • Exploring the ethical considerations in AI development
  • Promoting responsible AI usage


​Game and Application Development in Python

Campers learn one of the most popular professional programming platforms today as they develop Games and Applications using Python. This is a beginner friendly camp for students in rising grades 6 and up, but also suitable for rising 5th graders with prior programming experience. Campers will start their journey on one of the most prolific computer programming platforms that are used by professionals in many industries as they design many graphic games and applications. For rising grades 6+ Or rising 5th graders with significant prior programming experience

Design and Technical Concepts
  • Design and Image rendering on screen. Customizing screen size. Understanding screen coordinate system.
  • Using screen refresh sequence to layer objects and test.
  • User interaction using keyboard.
  • Simple, Nested, and Conditional Loops.
  • Variables and Arrays, used in single and multiple character spawning.
  • Object cloning and destructions, Collision detection.
Python - Read More


Advanced Robotics

Code and solve numerous logical challenges, obstacle courses with the Lego EV3 Mindstorm, and Lego Robot Inventor.

A technology program that blends Coding with Hardware with a focus on iterative learning. A machine's reaction to code is not always consistent and students learn how to improvise and manage around machine imperfections when extracting desired behavior through Code.

Students integrate and code multiple sensors including touch, color, distance, gyro to solve creative challenges like the robotic vacuum, color code driven navigation, accelerating and decelerating car, and much much more.

A free form camp for beginners and advanced programmers to learn the fundamentals and complex algorithms of robotics and developing innovative movements, applications and solutions to challenges. Campers can expect challenges they have never seen before that can only be solved using their thinking cap. Challenges include those expected in tournaments like FLL, etc.

Technical Concepts: Lego Mindstorm
  • Code using blocks and Python
  • Control Motors and Sensors: Color, Distance, Touch, Gyro.
  • Use sensor readings as triggers.
  • Repeat and conditional loops
  • Strategies of storing and using sensor readings to initiate complex actions.
Robotics- Read More


Game & Application Development in JavaScript

Campers build multiple interactive games and applications as they learn one of the most powerful web scripting languages. This camp will give them a real world flavor of what goes behind many of the web applications they experience in their daily lives. Plus they will leave the camp with enough knowledge to continue their learning at home in their path to become independent programmers.

Beginner Friendly where students start with simple Applications and Games, and code collision detection, timers, scoring, levels, various user interactions, and more. Advanced students dive into building Encryption/decryption algorithms as they learn about cyber security and secure messaging.

Technical Concepts
  • Document Object model
  • All aspects of animations: Color, Size, Background, Images, Shapes, Movements
  • Multiple loops including simple, conditional, and nested loops
  • Function definition and Function calls


Creative Coding and Digital Art

Ignite your creativity and bring your stories to life with our Creative Coding and Digital Art Camp! Dive into the magical world of animation using the power of Scratch, Animation Desk, and Pivot Animator. Whether you're a budding artist or a tech enthusiast, this camp is your canvas to explore, create, and animate your imagination. Transform your visions into moving art, learn essential animation skills, and embark on a journey where every frame tells a story!

Scratch Programming Basics:
  • Introduction to Scratch interface and blocks
  • Creating animated sprites and backgrounds
Animation Desk Techniques:
  • Frame-by-frame animation with Animation Desk
  • Layering and editing for dynamic sequences
Pivot Animator Essentials:
  • Creating stick-figure animations
  • Utilizing Pivot Animator's unique features
Technical Concepts:
  • Animation Principles: Understanding keyframes and frames per second (FPS) and exploring principles of motion and timing
  • Sound Integration: Add sound effects to animations and synchronize audio with animated sequences
  • Exporting and Sharing Animations: Save and export animations in various formats
  • Showcasing animated projects on different platforms!


Mobile Apps Design and Coding with Thunkable

Campers design and develop fully functional mobile apps and games that they can install on their phones plus share with family and friends. Using simple yet powerful tools, campers proudly design and develop fully functional apps. They will amaze you with their creativity in this program that has campers building all new apps at both beginner and advanced levels. Students will become self-sufficient in building apps and various inbuilt phone sensors like accelerometer, orientation sensor, GPS, camera etc.

Our students have branched out to win many coding competitions and published apps on the app store. Your child will come out of this camp with sufficient exposure and knowledge to continue their journey independently and build many mobile apps with practical use.

Design and Technical Concepts
  • Object layout using vertical, horizontal, tabular arrangements.
  • Button and Object shapes and colors.
  • Font size and colors.
  • Code user gestures: tap, swipe, flick etc.
  • Code phone sensors, camera, Text to Voice, Voice to Text, databases, etc.
  • Coding: Use of simple and nested loops, conditional loops, use of variables, math functions including random number generation based algorithms, and much more.


Design and Code Minecraft Mods

NOTE: Students must have Minecraft: JAVA installed on their laptop/MacBook prior to camp.

Unleash your creativity and dive into the exciting world of game development. Embark on an unforgettable adventure into the realm of Minecraft as you learn the art of coding mods that will transform your gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a coding novice, this camp is your gateway to shaping the Minecraft universe according to your imagination! Join us for an exhilarating journey where you'll not only play Minecraft but shape it into your very own digital masterpiece!

Technical Concepts:
  • Minecraft Forge Framework:
    • Understanding the modding framework
    • Mod development environment setup
  • Modify existing game elements
  • Event Handling and Interactivity: Responding to in-game events and implement interactive elements within mods
  • Testing Mods ensuring mod stability and compatibility
  • Debugging common modding issues


Ultimate Game Design/Code (Advanced)

Embark on an exciting adventure into the world of game design with our Game Jam Camp! Whether you're a novice or a seasoned gamer, this camp is your gateway to turning imaginative concepts into playable digital realities. This is a Game Developer’s Dream camp filled with creativity, collaboration, and the thrill of bringing your game to life!

Technical Concepts

Game Design Fundamentals:
  • Understanding game mechanics and dynamics
  • Balancing gameplay for an engaging experience
Storyboarding and Prototyping:
  • Translating ideas into visual concepts
  • Rapid prototyping techniques for game design
User Interface (UI) Design:
  • Designing intuitive and visually appealing game interfaces
  • Integrating UI elements for player interaction
Students will learn multiple platforms: Roblox, JavaScript, Python, and the Tynker platform.


Week Morning Afternoon
June 10 - 14 Grades 6-9: Intro to AI & AI Infused Mobile Apps
June 17 - 21 Grades 6-9: Python Game & Advanced Robotics
June 24 - 28 Grades 6-9: Adv. Web Design with JavaScript & 3D Printing
July 1 - 3 (No camp July 4 - 5) Grades 6-9: Creative Coding and Digital Art
July 8 - 12 Grades 6-9: Robotics & Circuit Building and Coding
July 15 - 19 Grades 6-9: Intro to AI & AI Infused Mobile Apps
July 22 - 26 Grades 6-9: Coding Mobile Apps & Robotics
July 29 - Aug 2 Grades 6-9: Design and Code Minecraft Mods Grades 6-9: Creative Coding and Digital Art & 3D Printing
August 5 - 9 Grades 6-9: Ultimate Game Design/Code (Advanced) & Mobile Apps

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