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Welcome to our Future Coder Camps, a summer adventure where young tech enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the exciting world of coding and software development!

This summer promises an immersive, hands-on experience in various coding platforms. Let your child have fun while learning coding fundamentals. Join us for a summer filled with coding adventures, creativity, and innovation!

Note: This site is for rising grades 1-2 and 3-5. Looking for camps for your child in rising Grades 6-9? Click Here to View!

Future Coder: Coding & Robotics Medley

Morning Camp Dates: June 10 - 14, July 1 - 3 (No camp July 4 - 5), July 15 - 19
Afternoon Camp Dates: July 29 - Aug 2

Our younger students will receive a personalized week that will include a variety of different coding, robotics, and technology related activities. Below is a description of the different activities we have planned:


Game & Animation with Scratch

In our specially designed program, 1-2 graders will explore the basics of coding using Scratch, an engaging and kid-friendly platform. Through fun and interactive activities, young learners will create their own games, bringing their imaginative ideas to life with simple coding. This hands-on experience not only fosters early computational thinking but also encourages creativity and problem-solving skills in an enjoyable and age-appropriate way.

Scratch - Read More


Create Your Own Mini Movies on Scratch

Campers will become the directors of their own mini movies using MIT's Scratch platform. From developing characters to crafting storylines, they'll bring their imaginative ideas to life through animation. This program encourages creativity and storytelling, providing a space for campers to explore their unique narratives by combining Computer Programming, Storytelling and Filmmaking.


Mobile Apps Design and Coding with MIT App Inventor

Campers design and develop fully functional mobile apps and games that they can install on their phones plus share with family and friends. Using simple yet powerful tools, campers proudly design and develop fully functional apps.


Robotics Exploration

Engage in the fascinating realm of robotics as our campers embark on hands-on coding adventures. They'll code various robots, including Lego Mindstorm, Ozobots, and mBots, to tackle a variety of intriguing challenges. It's an immersive experience that introduces them to the exciting intersection of technology and engineering.

Robotics- Read More



Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Unleash your curiosity and dive into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence with our cutting-edge summer camps. Designed for tech enthusiasts and budding developers, this program combines hands-on learning with the excitement of creating AI-infused mobile applications. Engage in real-world projects to build your own AI-infused mobile apps using MIT App Inventor. Get ready to embark on a journey where innovation meets education!

Technical Concepts:
  • Image recognition and classification
  • Object detection using AI
  • Ethical AI Practices
  • Promoting responsible AI usage


3D Modeling, Design and Game Coding in Roblox

Design 3D models, city structures, mythical creatures, flying vehicles and more in the Roblox gaming environment. Simple - Intermediate Coding in the programming language Lua to integrate with the designed game environment. Integrate obstacle courses, adventure games into their 3D models. A great combination of design and coding for students to develop their creative problem solving skills. They will have a blast!!

Design and Coding Content:
  • Design 3D game arenas including Obby's (obstacle courses), cityscapes, landscapes and more.
  • Simple coding in Lua including simple object detection, movements, simple loops and conditional statements.
  • Invite friends to play your game!


Web Site Design

Students learn HTML and Rapid Development tools to build a fully functioning and live website with multi page navigation, embedded pictures, videos, links to internal and external pages etc. They will learn all the basic skills needed to be able to build any kind of website in the future with many practical uses (like organizing their study links, managing calendars and events to share with parents etc).

Technical Concepts: HTML
  • Text Formatting
  • Background Colors
  • Image integration
  • Table creation and modification
  • Linking to internal and external pages
Technical Concepts: Rapid Web Dev Tools
  • Design balance between images and text and Thirds rule
  • Animated text
  • Visitor counter
  • Embedded sites, images, videos
  • Buttons and hyperlinks to internal and external pages
** Advanced students will branch out into learning and applying Cascading Style Sheets in their website.


Creative Coding and Digital Art

Ignite your creativity and bring your stories to life with our Creative Coding and Digital Art Camp! Dive into the magical world of animation using the power of Scratch, Animation Desk, and Pivot Animator. Whether you're a budding artist or a tech enthusiast, this camp is your canvas to explore, create, and animate your imagination. Transform your visions into moving art, learn essential animation skills, and embark on a journey where every frame tells a story!

Scratch Programming Basics:
  • Introduction to Scratch interface and blocks
  • Creating animated sprites and backgrounds
  • Scratch - Read More
Animation Desk Techniques:
  • Frame-by-frame animation with Animation Desk
  • Layering and editing for dynamic sequences
Pivot Animator Essentials:
  • Creating stick-figure animations
  • Utilizing Pivot Animator's unique features
Technical Concepts:
  • Animation Principles: Understanding keyframes and frames per second (FPS) and exploring principles of motion and timing
  • Sound Integration: Add sound effects to animations and synchronize audio with animated sequences
  • Exporting and Sharing Animations: Save and export animations in various formats
  • Showcasing animated projects on different platforms!


Mobile Apps Design and Coding with MIT App Inventor

Campers design and develop fully functional mobile apps and games that they can install on their phones plus share with family and friends. Using simple yet powerful tools, campers design and develop fully functional Android apps. They will amaze you with their creativity in this program that has campers building all new apps at both beginner and advanced levels. Students will become self-sufficient in building apps and various inbuilt phone sensors like accelerometer, orientation sensor, GPS, camera etc.

Our students have branched out to win many coding competitions and published apps on the app store. Your child will come out of this camp with sufficient exposure and knowledge to continue their journey independently and build many mobile apps with practical use.

Design and Technical Concepts:
  • Object layout using vertical, horizontal, tabular arrangements.
  • Button and Object shapes and colors.
  • Font size and colors.
  • Code user gestures: tap, swipe, flick etc.
  • Code phone sensors, camera, Text to Voice, Voice to Text, databases, etc.
  • Coding: Use of simple and nested loops, conditional loops, use of variables, math functions including random number generation based algorithms, and much more.


Robotics & Coding

Code and solve numerous logical challenges, obstacle courses with the Lego EV3 Mindstorm, Lego Robot Inventor, mBots, Ozobots.

A technology program that blends Coding with Hardware with a focus on iterative learning. A machine's reaction to code is not always consistent and students learn how to improvise and manage around machine imperfections when extracting desired behavior through Code.

Students learn about multiple sensors including touch, color, distance, gyro and integrate them to create multiple simulations like the robotic vacuum, color code driven navigation, accelerating and decelerating car, and much much more.

A free form camp for beginners and advanced programmers to learn the fundamentals and complex algorithms of robotics and developing innovative movements, applications and solutions to challenges. Campers can expect challenges they have never seen before that can only be solved using their keen Vulcan sense of logic and programming prowess. Challenges include those expected in tournaments like FLL, etc.

Technical Concepts: Ozobots
  • Ozobots are tiny robots that pack a punch. They can read code from flashing lights on a computer screen and also using color codes painted on paper.
  • Map navigation using Color codes to change speed, movements, line jump and more.
  • Coding with OzoBlockly to navigate mazes and challenges.
Technical Concepts: mBots
  • mBots are Arduino based robots with a block Coding interface
  • Coding for controlling motors and distance sensors.
  • Solve multiple challenges like robotic vacuum, obstacle avoidance, optimal movements for destroying obstacles, and more.
Technical Concepts: Lego Mindstorm
  • Code to Control Motors and Sensors: Color, Distance, Touch, Gyro.
  • Many beginner to advanced challenges including Magic 8 ball, multi speed car, self driving car, light source search, and many more. One of the most advanced Robotics curriculum found on Earth or Vulcan.
Robotics- Read More


Design and Code Minecraft Mods

Calling all young adventurers and budding architects! Join us for our Minecraft Design camp where imagination takes shape in the pixelated world of Minecraft. Dive into a hands-on exploration of design concepts, where every brick laid is a step towards creating your virtual masterpiece. Let your imagination run wild, and watch as your designs come to life, one block at a time!

NOTE: Students must have a Minecraft account to test and save progress. They must have Minecraft: JAVA installed on their laptop/MacBook.

Technical Concepts:
  • Minecraft Basics:
    • Navigate the Minecraft world
    • Understand basic game mechanics and controls
  • Architectural Design Principles: Learn the fundamentals of architectural design, including balance, symmetry, and scale.
  • Landscaping and Terraforming: Shape and mold the Minecraft terrain to create custom landscapes and scenic environments.
  • Redstone Engineering Basics: Introduction to redstone for creating simple mechanisms and contraptions.
  • Collaborative Building Projects: Collaborate with fellow campers on larger building projects, fostering teamwork and communication skills.


Ultimate Game Design/Code (Intermediate)

Calling all young innovators and aspiring game designers! Dive into the exciting realm of game creation, where every click of the mouse sparks a new adventure, and every block of code brings imagination to life! Craft your narratives and weave them into interactive game experiences using the intuitive MIT Scratch platform. Students will learn the fundamentals of coding through drag-and-drop blocks. They will showcase completed game projects to their peers and receive constructive feedback and insights. Each week will contain new games to explore the concepts of Game Design. Towards the end of the week, students will leverage all their skills to build their own exciting game and share with friends and family.

Technical Concepts:
  • Conceptualizing an idea and coding simple to advanced games.
  • Design and code interactions of sprites and backgrounds / design custom characters.
  • Simple, Repeat & Nested Loops, variables for data tracking, broadcast messaging, and define custom functions.
  • Sequential and Parallel processing of code.
  • Identify errors, debug, and gain problem solving skills.

Join us for an exhilarating summer camp where creativity meets technology through the magic of Scratch.


Week Morning Afternoon
June 10 - 14 Grades 1-2: Future Coder
Grades 3-5: Coding with Roblox & Intro to AI
June 24 - 28 Grades 3-5: Web Design & 3D Painting
July 1 - 3 (No Camp July 4 - 5) Grades 1-2: Future Coder
Grades 3-5: Creative Coding and Digital Art
July 8 - 12 Grades 3-5: Ultimate Game Design/Code (Intermediate) & Robotics
July 15 - 19 Grades 1-2: Future Coder
Grades 3-5: Coding in Roblox & Intro to AI
July 22 - 26 Grades 3-5: Coding Mobile Apps & Robotics
July 29 - Aug 2 Grades 3-5: Design and Code Minecraft Mods Grades 1-2: Future Coder
Grades 3-5: Creative Coding and Digital Art & 3D Printing
August 5 - 9 Grades 3-5:Ultimate Game Design/Code (Intermediate) & Mobile Apps

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