Full Stack Dev Camp

Full Stack Web Development Summer Camp

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Are you a high schooler, undergrad/grad student with a passion for Coding...raring to go and do more??

Find your calling at Thinking Feet's Full Stack Web Development Camp this summer.

Learn the end to end of developing a fully hosted, responsive business website including software development methodologies. Cap it off with a team project to deliver an actual website for a local organization / business.

After the 8 week immersion camp, you will be fully equipped to design, code and host a fully functioning professional level website, and possibly even form a non-profit with your teammates.


A real startup experience awaits!!

Front end Development

  • HTML: Elements, Page Layout, Document Object Model.
  • CSS: Identifiers, Properties, Rules.
  • Responsive web design.
  • DevOps introduction: GitHub overview, Git command line interface.

Front End / Scripting

  • Bootstrap: Components, Utilities, the Grid.


  • JavaScript Deep Dive.

Dev Ops

  • GitHub branches and merging.


  • JavaScript Deep Dive
  • jQuery: DOM Manipulation, methods, dynamic elements, front end API consumption (Ajax)


  • Static hosting

Scripting / Backend (contd)

  • node.js: Node overview, process and parameters, node CLI, node package manager, synchronous, vs asynchronous patterns.

Scripting / Backend

  • Express.js: server creation, serving HTML, RESTful API creation, POST and GET, routing.

Dev Ops

  • Heroku and server hosting



  • MongoDB: relational vs on-relational databases, data handling, ORMs, Mongoose, CRUD

Dev Ops

  • Cloud hosting
  • MongoDB Atlas

Scripting / Front End

  • React.js: JSX, class components, functional components, styling, props, state, react data flow.
Scripting / Front End
  • React.js: Callback functions, react hooks, conditional rendering, react routing, lifecycles, state management libraries, advanced react hooks
Dev Ops
  • Domain Hosting
Software Development Methodologies
  • Waterfall, Agile, Kanban, Agile

The Learning Journey

  • Technology Professional with deep experience in Full Stack Web Development.
  • High energy classrooms which make learning a lot of fun.
Learning model
  • Coding & Tech platform learning with working time to improvise and experiment.
  • Deep exploration of technical documentation.
  • Learning journey will be based on an expectation of building formal professional level output. The bar will be high.
  • Continuous feedback from coaches on improvement.
The next level
  • Upon successful completion of the Capstone project, students will be invited to take up internship positions as a formal team, taking up real Web Development projects for local businesses.
  • The initiative may be formalized through a non-profit startup with students as members.
  • Build an exceptional resume for college with results to show!!


Camp Dates / Timing

Weeks of: June 7, June 14, June 21, June 28, July 12, July 19, July 26, Aug 2

Timing: Mon - Fri. 9AM - 12PM, 1:30PM - 4:30PM.


Students may be Virtual or in Person (once possible)

  • High Schoolers with Coding Experience
  • Undergrad (current/rising) students (no prior experience required)
  • Exceptional Middle Schoolers (usually 8th graders with significant coding experience).
  • For students not currently enrolled at Thinking Feet - student application will be confirmed after a post registration review (more details in the registration form).

Limited time promotional: $1099

Entrepreneur's discount: Up to $500 refund upon successful completion of curriculum expectations including Capstone project. Your effective price could be only $599 for 8 weeks of a full day professional level camp.

Students earn the discount by actively contributing to building a fully functioning hosted website as part of the final project. The refund amount will be given as an award commensurate with the effort, energy, and results demonstrated by the student. Every students will have the opportunity to earn the full award of $500. The specific details and expectations along with associated reward will be shared with students at the beginning of the camp.



Thinking Feet’s main learning center is located in the Ballantyne area in Mecklenburg county. We are just minutes away from nearby Blakeney, Weddington, Marvin, Waxhaw, Pineville, Wesley Chapel, Piper Glen and Fort Mill, SC.​​