EOG Prep

Thinking Feet's unique teaching methodology develops the intrinsic motivation in your child to develop into confident problem solvers. We have designed a quick prep program to build up their confidence and help them excel in their upcoming EOG test.

We are running this program across 4 weeks with 1 hour for each of Math and Reading every week. Choose either one or both the programs.

In each class your child will gain:
One hour of the most engaging coaching and worksheets to take home!!
Quick strategies to tackle various problem situations students will encounter in the EOG, including effective strategies of elimination when more than one answer seem right.
Valuable habits of double checking, writing steps that lead to a considerable increase in accuracy.


Per program, 4 weeks: $125. 10% discount if doing both

30% Discount if student currently enrolled in Coding & Tech, Creative Writing OR Advanced Math.

Schedule, Starting week of April 22nd.

Mon 5:40PM - 6:40PM

Tue 6:40PM - 7:40PM

Thu 5:40PM - 6:40PM


Mon 6:40PM - 7:40PM

Thu 6:40PM - 7:40PM


Thinking Feet Ballantyne / South Charlotte Center: 4200 McKee Road. Click HERE for Map.