Crack SAT


Our SAT program is built on a platform of strategies.

Small Group Classes and Individualized Development Plan.

Time is your child's biggest asset, we will deliver the greatest value in the most optimal time.

Special Launch Pricing.

FREE Diagnostics.

Our Focus

  • Customized winning strategy for each student.
  • Maximize results for your child in the optimal amount of time. Time is the most valuable asset for high schoolers.
  • Small group classes to hone in on each student's development needs.

The building blocks

  • Our program developers include industry professionals and university professors who have a track record of cracking some of the toughest exams in the world.
  • We spent hundreds of hours on research, critically evaluating multiple strategies in each area.
  • We let data drive our strategy development.
  • As an example, we tested multiple strategies in Reading, we got down the time per reading passage from 12+ minutes to 9 mins 45 seconds.

What we are Not about

  • No big classrooms - they are grossly inefficient when preparing for SAT.
  • Every student will not be forced to go through the same development structure. If Sarah needs more focus on Reading and Jack needs more focus on Math, it would be unfair to have them invest equal time on both.

What to expect

Initial diagnostic test identifying prioritized areas of development and recommended number of hours.

An actual assessment below, student got a 200 point increase within 32 hours of classes. Target score 1550+.

Detailed  and individualized growth plan in a small group model (4 or less).

Strong content to build fundamentals, unique strategies to maximize results in the most optimal amount of time.

  • After all TIME, is your child's biggest asset. With solid strategies, we optimize the time investment needed from your child.

Ongoing tracking and reporting of progress. As a parent you will always be in the loop of your child's development.


FREE Diagnostics :

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Hours never expire. Use any left over hours for Math classes (Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus), AP Physics classes (launching later 2020).

Spread the hours as you like, either 2 hours or 4 hours per session (slots need to be reserved in advance).

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