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Welcome to our Future Leader Camps, where young minds can embark on a transformative journey to develop essential leadership skills and thrive in a variety of dynamic environments!

Join us for an enriching summer where young leaders will develop a diverse skill set, from effective communication and problem-solving to strategic thinking and collaboration, preparing them for a future of impact and success!

Future Leader Medley

Afternoon Camp Dates: June 10 - 14, June 24 - 28, July 15 - 19, August 12 - 16

Our Future Leader Camp offers a personalized week for young students, focusing on public speaking, teamwork, and engaging escape rooms. Each week is unique, providing a variety of activities to keep students engaged and interested. We offer the attention and assistance needed to foster growth in presentation and teamwork skills. Read on to discover the exciting topics covered during our Future Leader weeks:


Public Speaking

Students will master essential habits and strategies, including eye contact, projection, effective body language, and the art of inflection. Through engaging activities like public speaking games, planned speeches, and TV anchor interviews, they will build confidence and expand their comfort level in public speaking.


Escape Rooms Medley

Our custom digital escape room games challenge logical thinking and problem-solving. Students will work together to crack codes and interpret clues, covering themes like science, code-breaking, geography, and history.


Team Building Games

Throughout the week, students will participate in team-building games to foster collaboration and problem-solving. Here's a glimpse of some planned games:

  • Tower of Strength: Collaborative tower-building activity with cups or building blocks, encouraging teamwork and problem-solving.
  • Friendship Web: Students form a circle, share appreciations, and create a physical web using yarn. They work together to untangle without letting go.
  • Puzzle Relay: Teams solve jigsaw puzzles, promoting collaboration and effective decision-making.


Interactive Team Exercises

Students will also embark on collaborative activities, fostering teamwork, communication, and friendship in an exciting and interactive environment.

  • Leadership Role Play: Assign leadership roles and have students act out scenarios demonstrating leadership skills, problem-solving, and effective decision-making.
  • Collaborative Art: Students work together to create a mural or collage representing a shared vision or goal.
  • Empathy Building Activity: Role-playing scenarios that require empathy and understanding of others' feelings and perspectives.


Public Speaking - Hot Topic Debates

Students will develop the great habits and strategies of public speaking including timed eye contact, projection, effective body language, art of inflection and enunciation. They will develop the art of organizing and pacing their thoughts in a more effective delivery. They will also dip into the art of improvisation and learn to think quickly on their feet.

  • Multiple public speaking games, planned speeches (short and long), tv anchor interviews, debates and more.
  • We create comfortable and friendly environments with tons of encouragement for each student to expand their comfort level in public speaking.
  • Students grow with continuous feedback from coaches and their peers.
  • Focus on Hot Topics in the Tech World today! From AI Ethics to ChatGPT, students will be immersed in current events happening in the world of technology.


Escape Rooms Medley

Custom and age-appropriate digital escape room games where students have to put on their best logical thinking and problem solving hat to crack codes, interpret clues and work as a team to chart their escape from the room.

A digital platform with challenges in:

  • Science: Space, Biology, Laws of Motion, Chemistry & More.
  • Code breaking with written, audio, video clues.
  • Geography: America and the World, Mountains, Rivers, Oceans.
  • History: Of computers (e.g. do you know which is the 3rd model in the Apple Computer series)


Stock Trading Game

Students will learn the discipline of investing in stocks in a live trading game platform where they will go through the ups and downs of an investor's journey. They will learn about spreading risks, researching companies, and have the opportunity to closely replicate the day to day thinking and operations of investment professionals.

Students will learn:

  • How to research companies including reading balance sheets, income statements, analyst reports, Stocks vs ETFs.
  • Setting Buy and Sell triggers.
  • Different types of orders and nuances therein: Limit, Stop, Stop-Limit, Trailing Stops.
  • Spreading risk between industries, stocks, and ETFs.
  • There will be discussions every day as a simulated trading floor.



Interested in owning or running a business someday? Now you can with this week full of Entrepreneurship activities.This immersive experience is designed for ambitious students eager to unleash their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Over the course of the program, participants will dive into the exciting world of business, from ideation to execution. Become an entrepreneur and build your business from the bottom up! Learn business skills and gain confidence in the business world.

Students will
  • Form dynamic teams and embark on the thrilling challenge of developing their own business ideas.
  • Learn the intricacies of market research, product development, and strategic planning.
  • The camp places a strong emphasis on hands-on learning, ensuring that participants gain practical skills that extend beyond the theoretical realm.
Highlights Include:
  • Creation of compelling marketing content.
  • Master the art of storytelling and learn how to effectively communicate their brand's message through various mediums, including social media, video, and design.
  • Present their business ideas to their peers.
    • This not only builds confidence but also fosters a spirit of friendly competition and collaboration.

The Entrepreneurship Summer Camp aims to cultivate a community of forward-thinking individuals who are not only equipped with the tools for success but also inspired to make a positive impact in the world.

Join us for an unforgettable week filled with innovation, teamwork, and the thrill of entrepreneurship. Unleash your potential, make lasting connections, and leave with the skills to turn your dreams into reality!


Public Speaking - Model UN

Students will play the role of UN Representative from different countries. They will research, meet and discuss solutions to major problems including water, disease, etc. They will learn how to find reliable sources, organize ideas, and be able to present solutions during the Mock UN sessions. With Mock UN, your student will explore what it means to be a leader and representative.

Other skills and topics covered include:
  • Students will engage in negotiation skills to gain support from countries in both monetary and non-monetary forms.
  • Problem solving skills and teamwork will be crucial to come up with resolutions between countries.
  • All representatives will engage in independent research and create presentations to discuss their ideas and communicate.
Variations of Model UN include:
  • Super Hero committees where students choose the role of their favorite super hero in discussing inter galactic problems and solutions.
  • Wizard World committees where students can choose their favorite magical character to discuss wizard morality problems and solutions.


Detectives & Lawyers: Mysteries and Mock Trial

Have you ever wondered what it may be to play the role of a lawyer, a witness, or a judge? Perhaps learning about the complexities of a trial sound intriguing? During our Mock Trial, students will be given primary sources, roles, and instruction to participate in an age-appropriate trial! With teamwork and analytical skills, students will get the opportunity to defend their case and perhaps even win their trial. Other skills and topics include:

  • Students play the role of lawyers (prosecution or defense), judge, and witnesses.
  • They will research case materials, prepare and present arguments.
  • Students will present their case and the audience will determine who made the most convincing argument.


Leadership and Public Speaking

Elevate your communication skills and emerge as a confident leader! This empowering program is crafted for students who aspire to not only master the art of public speaking but also cultivate the leadership qualities necessary for success in any endeavor. Students will engage in dynamic teamwork activities that foster collaboration, effective communication, and a sense of camaraderie.

In addition to individual growth, the camp places a strong emphasis on peer learning. Students will present in front of their peers, creating a supportive environment for constructive feedback and mutual encouragement. This peer-centric approach not only accelerates personal development but also reinforces the importance of collaboration in effective leadership.

  • Activities designed to not only strengthen interpersonal skills but also to lay the foundation for effective leadership.
  • Engage in exhilarating team-building games to enhance collaboration, communication, and camaraderie among students.
  • Receive expert guidance on crafting and delivering impactful speeches, conquering stage fright, and captivating their audience with persuasive communication.
  • A series of progressively challenging presentations.
  • Gain confidence, poise, and the ability to articulate ideas with clarity and conviction.

Join us for an enriching summer where your child will transform into a poised and influential leader, ready to make a lasting impact in any endeavor they choose to pursue!


Week Morning Afternoon
June 10 - 14 Grades 1-2: Future Leader
Grades 3-5 & 6-9: Public Speaking- Hot Topic Debates & Escape Rooms
June 17 - 21 Grades 3-5 & 6-9: Entrepreneurship & Stock Trading
June 24 - 28 Grades 1-2: Future Leader
Grades 3-5 & 6-9: Leadership and Public Speaking & Escape Rooms
July 8 - 12 Grades 3-5 & 6-9: Escape Room & Public Speaking - Model UN
July 15 - 19 Grades 1-2: Future Leader
All Grades: Detectives & Lawyers - Solving Mysteries and Mock Trials with AI judges
Aug 12 - 16 Grades 1-2: Future Leader
All Grades: Leadership and Public Speaking

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