Summer Camps – 2023 Future Programmer Sr

Summer Camp 2023

At 4200 McKee Road, Charlotte, NC 28270

Future Programmer Sr

In one of the most innovative and prolific Technology Summer camps, not only will campers learn coding but will be inventing and leading the path in technology creation, with the guidance of our experienced coaches. They will go through a multi-faceted creative journey.

All our technology camps are customized for Beginners and Advanced programmers with a variety of challenges based on prior programming experience of campers...each week has new programs and challenges so repeat campers will get all new materials every week.

We promise you smiles all around!!!


3D Modeling, Design and Game Coding in Roblox

Along with Game Dev in the Metaverse

June 12 - 16 August 7 - 11 | Morning

July 3 - 7 (no camp will be held on July 4th) | Afternoon

Design 3D models, city structures, mystical creatures, flying vehicles and more in the Roblox gaming environment. Simple - Intermediate Coding in the programming language Lua to integrate with the designed game environment. Integrate obstacle courses, adventure games into their 3D models. A great combination of design and coding for students to develop their creative problem solving skills. They will have a blast!!

Design and Coding content
  • Designing 3D game arenas including Obby's.
  • Simple to Advanced Coding in Lua to make the game come alive.
  • Invite friends to play your game.


Game Dev in the Metaverse

Along with 3D Modeling, Design, and Game Coding in Roblox

June 12 - 16 August 7 - 11 | Morning

July 3 - 7 (no camp will be held on July 4th) | Afternoon 

Design 3D games in the Metaverse using the Sandbox game development platform. Simple - Intermediate games that students can publish, monetize, earn crypto, create NFTs and much more!!. Integrate obstacle courses, adventure games into their 3D models. A great combination of design and coding for students to develop their creative problem solving skills. They will have a blast!!

Design and Coding content
  • No coding background needed, beginner friendly.
  • Designing 3D game arenas, avatars, equipment.
  • Create game asset NFTs.
  • Publish your game, invite friends to play, monetize your game in the Metaverse!!


​Game and Application Development in Python

June 19 - 23 Morning

Campers learn one of the most popular professional programming platforms today as they develop Games and Applications using Python. This is a beginner friendly camp for students in rising grades 6 and up, but also suitable for rising 5th graders with prior programming experience. Campers will start their journey on one of the most prolific computer programming platforms that are used by professionals in many industries as they design many graphic games and applications. For rising grades 6+ Or rising 5th graders with significant prior programming experience

Design and Technical Concepts
  • Design and Image rendering on screen. Customizing screen size. Understanding screen coordinate system.
  • Using screen refresh sequence to layer objects and test.
  • User interaction using keyboard.
  • Simple, Nested, and Conditional Loops.
  • Variables and Arrays, used in single and multiple character spawning.
  • Object cloning and destructions, Collision detection.
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Game and Application Development in JavaScript

July 3 - 7 (no camp on July 4th)Morning July 17 - 21 Morning with 3D Design & Printing

Campers build multiple interactive games and applications as they learn one of the most powerful web scripting languages. This camp will give them a real world flavor of what goes behind many of the web applications they experience in their daily lives. Plus they will leave the camp with enough knowledge to continue their learning at home in their path to become independent programmers.

Beginner Friendly where students build simple Applications and Games involving animations using x-y coordinates, collision detection, timers, scoring, levels. Code Encryption/decryption algorithms as they learn about cyber security and secure messaging.

Technical Concepts
  • Document Object model
  • Manipulating Color, Size, Background, Images, Shapes
  • Simple, conditional, and nested loops
  • Function definition and Function calls


Robotics & Coding

July 10 - 14 Morning with Advanced Scratch Video Games       July 31 - August 4 | Morning with Mobile Apps

Code and solve numerous logical challenges, obstacle courses with the Lego EV3 Mindstorm, Lego Robot Inventor, mBots, Ozobots.

A technology program that blends Coding with Hardware with a focus on iterative learning. A machine's reaction to code is not always consistent and students learn how to improvise and manage around machine imperfections when extracting desired behavior through Code.

Students learn about multiple sensors including touch, color, distance, gyro and integrate them to create multiple simulations like the robotic vacuum, color code driven navigation, accelerating and decelerating car, and much much more.

A free form camp for beginners and advanced programmers to learn the fundamentals and complex algorithms of robotics and developing innovative movements, applications and solutions to challenges. Campers can expect challenges they have never seen before that can only be solved using their keen Vulcan sense of logic and programming prowess. Challenges include those expected in tournaments like FLL, etc.

Technical Concepts: mBots
  • Coding for controlling motors and distance sensors.
  • Solve multiple challenges like robotic vacuum, obstacle avoidance, optimal movements for destroying obstacles, and more.
Technical Concepts: Lego Mindstorm
  • Code and Control Motors and sensors: Color, Distance, Touch, Gyro.
  • Many beginner to advanced challenges including Magic 8 ball, multi speed car, self driving car, light source search, and many more. One of the most advanced Robotics curriculum found on Earth or Vulcan.
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Game & Animation with Scratch

July 10 - 14Morning with Robotics & Coding

Campers build games, animations and applications using MIT's Scratch platform and see creations come to life immediately in front of their eyes. Campers will build a myriad of different games from Space pursuits to Wizard battles.... Innovative Ball games to logic puzzles using the simple yet amazingly powerful Scratch Platform. Challenges to keep both Beginner and Advanced programmers engaged and learning.

Advanced: Our Advanced Scratch program boasts a highly engaging curriculum designed for experienced programmers. If you think Scratch is just simple block coding, think again. In the Advanced Game Programming curriculum, your experienced programmer child will learn many sophisticated algorithms to build ultimate challenging games like the Harry Potter Wizarding battle, the Wingardium Leviosa where you cast custom spells based on custom waves of the wand and much more. A great program to learn advanced Game Design logic in a very comfortable platform designed by MIT.

Design and Technical Concepts:
  • Conceptualizing an idea and implementing with Code
    • Simple to complex games
    • Short animation movies
  • Using library of sprites and background and designing custom characters.
  • Learn about Simple, Repeat & Nested Loops, variables for data tracking, broadcast messaging, and define custom functions.
  • Sequential and Parallel processing of code.
  • Content customized by age group and skill
  • Learn to identify errors, debug,  and gain problem solving skills
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Mobile Apps Design and Coding with MIT App Inventor

July 31 - August 4 Morning

Campers design and develop fully functional mobile apps and games that they can install on their phones plus share with family and friends. Using simple yet powerful tools, campers proudly design and develop fully functional Android apps. They will amaze you with their creativity in this program that has campers building all new apps at both beginner and advanced levels. Students will become self sufficient in building apps and various inbuilt phone sensors like accelerometer, orientation sensor, GPS, camera etc.

Our students have branched out to win many coding competitions and published apps on the app store. Your child will come out of this camp with sufficient exposure and knowledge to continue their journey independently and build many mobile apps with practical use.

Design and Technical Concepts
  • Object layout using vertical, horizontal, tabular arrangements.
  • Button and Object shapes and colors.
  • Font size and colors.
  • Code user gestures: tap, swipe, flick etc.
  • Code phone sensors, camera, Text to Voice, Voice to Text, databases, etc.
  • Coding: Use of simple and nested loops, conditional loops, use of variables, math functions including random number generation based algorithms, and much more.


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