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welcome to thinking feet

From a Parent:

"Thinking Feet creates an atmosphere of learning that is not achievable in regular school. A classroom of kids excited to learn fosters an appreciation for learning. The classes are provided at the ability of the student, instead of at the age of the student. My son is always excited to go to class and bubbling with all the cool stuff he did when I pick him up. Thinking Feet as been invaluable to our family."


Your child is unique in their capabilities and potential. Our goal is to develop them into future leaders and creative problem solvers of tomorrow.
We are the trusted enrichment partner for many schools (public and private) across Charlotte and Union County and more than 400 families across Charlotte trust us with their child's enrichment.

New Units this Fall

Full English Language Arts including Reading Comprehension, Creative Writing.

Data Science with the 'R' platform

AP Calculus

Our Programs

Advanced Math

Your child will develop superior problem solving strategies and critical thinking skills in Math problem solving

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Math Foundation

Your child will develop increased confidence and strategies to out perform Math problem solving in school

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Computer Programming

Your child will become a leader, creative thinker and problem solver in cutting edge technology platforms.

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Public Speaking and Oratory

Your child will conquer the podium and develop great habits and superior confidence in public speaking

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Reading / Creative Writing

Your child will develop superior reading comprehension and creative writing skills across fiction, non fiction.

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Science & Engineering

Your child will be on a path of experimentation based learning of the WHY's, HOW's, WHAT-IF's, WHY-NOT's.

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